I have a dream

I have a dream is an extract from my unpublished memoir that presents a logical case for my man/woman ideas.


What Women Want is a more developed piece that is also a training guide for playing a sexual polarity game, from both the feminine and masculine roles.  It needs some cleaning-up and editing, but current version available below.

What Women Want is a manifesto for a new relationship and communication model designed to create deeply fulfilling intimacy and collaboration between men and women, powerful sex, and ultimately perhaps, an end to patriarchy as we know it. Click on the image below to access the pdf.

It is based on principles of Authentic Relationship in combination with the idea of men’s servant-leadership to women, which I argue is men’s natural (evolutionary/historical) role.  And also inescapable — it is foolish to believe that in one generation we can change 600,000 years of human evolution. I argue that “feminism” has destroyed the notion of men’s servant-leadership to women, based on the idea that the sexes are equal and that we have the same desires.  Actually, we don’t, and especially sexually.  The quickest solution to this problem is a degree of surrender on both sides, as described below in very actionable detail.

Note: the pamphlet needs a re-write based on some feedback I have received, but until then, if you want to get the “juice” just skip the first section and move on the more actionable details.