How to use this book

This book is not a mere philosophy of love and sex. It is an actionable manual, and as such, you will need to do the work. Here is my suggestion for preparing your practice.

Start by reading the Abstract and Chapter 1. If it resonates, keep on reading as that will give you the conceptual framework of the work and the more subtle distinctions, before you actually engage the practice.

But if the first few chapters don’t resonate, or the ideas seem too abstract, don’t give up. Skip forward and read Chapter 12: Executing the Feminine Commands and Chapter 14: Responding to Negative Feedback. These two chapters describe the fundamental action steps of masculine love: we attempt to love (serve or contribute to others), then we get feedback on how well we are doing, and lastly adjust. If you do nothing but that, you will have spectacular relationships.

This book is written from a masculine viewpoint. If you think you might be primarily feminine, follow the same process as for masculine people, for two reasons. First, you will be functioning in a masculine mode for large parts of your life, such as at your job and with your children, so the skills you will learn here will serve you. Second, it will give you empathy for the masculine experience, which will make you more lovable (attractive). In a later edition of the book, I hope to expand on the practice of feminine love. For now, you will need to read between the lines, or use the cited authors work, especially David Deida and Alison Armstrong.

Good luck!